Each purchase directly funds lake clean ups. Text 208-659-8699 to inquire 💙

How Coeur d'Love was born


In the summer of 2017, Mondays were Weston's day off, in which he spent those days with his son Landon on Lake Coeur d'Alene. One afternoon they were enjoying a cruise on a jet ski when they discovered a bunch of trash floating on the water. Repeating this every week they noticed that the wind consistently pushes trash into common stretches of shore and bays. After a busy summer weekend, all the floating litter left behind gathers from the wind once the boat traffic calms down. That summer they dedicated every Monday to go in search of these trash pockets on the north end of the lake. Most often about a grocery bag amount of small debris, sometimes much more. In about two hours time they cover less than 10% of the lake, one day a week. However, if you look you’ll find these trash pockets from the mouth of the Spokane River extending all the way south of Harrison. This was the year they realized how bad the litter on the lake was and something more needed to be done. Coeur d'Love was created and is now a small team making a big difference. 
Landon has a passion for snorkeling. When he is older his dream is to protect the oceans from plastic debris and do his part to protect the coral. While they live a long ways from The Pacific, they are starting to make the world a better place from their own hometown of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

“The mess of the masses are cleaned quietly by the few. We are the few.”

As our beloved lake town grows, so will the litter issue. This is our motivation for starting Coeur d’Love. It’s hard to point a finger at a single source, but our aim is to lead the way in a mindset we can share and a lifestyle our community can be apart of. Whether you support by purchasing artwork or join in our cleaning efforts, we can help keep our lakes and rivers clean for all to enjoy. Everyone loves our gorgeous lake. Make sure to do your part by sharing the love and keep Lake Coeur d’Alene beautiful for years to come ❤️💧

This is Coeur d’Love.